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We're goodWe believe as Howard Newton said “People forget how fast you did a job, but they remember how well you did it.”  Referrals from happy customers make up 87% of our business. We want to be remembered for our good work.

Where roofing is concerned, we are good, we are smart and quick. But mostly we are good. That’s the way we roll.


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Roofers choose two

notcheapGood, Cheap, Fast

With roofing you can choose two of the three.

We decided long ago that we wouldn’t compete with cheap roofers. Not our style. There are lots of companies that are cheap. As a friend of our says “We are not them guys.” We are quick and efficient. We don’t waste money.  But we are not cheap. We roof it right.

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Thinking about roofs

roof shelter

Roof shelter

Your roof is your shelter. Think about it. A home can be a home even without electricity or plumbing or internet. What defines it is the roof. Your roof is what shelters and protects everything else you care about. It is your most valuable asset. It makes sense to spend a bit more to have it in the best condition at all times. Your roof is the defining factor where home improvement is concerned. Something to think about.

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Roofing claim? Your best roof for the money.

roofing claimRoofing claim?
A few things to remember.
Your deductible costs the same no matter how cheap a roof you buy.

Moreover, our rates are set by the insurance companies.
Roofers are paid according to what the insurance company allows.
We must be able to provide our services within the insurance company’s estimated costs. Fortunately we’ve been doing this for a long time. We are experienced and efficient, keeping us competitive in a tight market.
Which means we can get you the best roof for the money.

We have answers. Call us if you have any roofing questions 817-277-7325 or 1-855-PANTEGO Answered 24/7


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Your deductible explained

roofing deductibleDeductibles
In order to keep insurance premiums lower, our deductibles are higher than in years past. Your deductible is a fee set by your insurance policy. It is your part to pay for your new roof with an insurance claim.

Think of it this way.
Your deductible is like your co-pay at the doctor’s office. Your insurance company will pay some of the cost, but you are obligated for your co-pay to the doctor. Just so, you have to pay your deductible to your roofing contractor for any roofing claim.

But remember your deductible is a set fee. A good roofer costs you the same as a cheap one. So choose your roofing contractor wisely.

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happy st patricks

St. Patrick’s day

happy st patricksHappy St. Patrick’s day!

May you always have…
Walls for the winds
A roof for the rain
Tea beside the fire
Laughter to cheer you
Those you love near you
And all your heart might desire.


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Pantego – Making the neighborhood better, one home at a time.

Roof claims and CLUE

Understanding the claim process

Your call to an agent or the company starts a “claim”, unless the agent is smart and suggests you call his go to guy roofer first. The roofer should be able to explain the costs, and if you know your deductible co-pay, as you should, then you are better off doing the repair out of pocket if the damage is minimal.

Claims build up in the C.L.U.E. (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) Report  and give the insurance claim and loss history for a residential property. These records remain for 7 years. There is a fine line between filling a claim and making an inquiry. You can also get your CLUE report once a year to check for errors. And homeowners can make comments into their report. Say a dog bit someone, and now the dog is gone. Those will effect your costs, ability to add policies, and keep you from changing to another company.

I did a roof that had been looked at by the insurance company 3 times for hail damage and denied, while the rest of the neighborhood got new roofs. He finally had us tear off his wood shake, re-deck, and shingle his home. He then tried to change insurance companies and was denied, because of his 3, zero $ claims. After spending over $25,000 out of pocket for a new roof, he was really one unhappy homeowner. That he worked for the same insurance company that had his policy was part of the reason he retired.

The problem is sometimes when the ridge shingles are gone, the roof has been damaged, with lifted shingles that when old will not reseal. I have done hurricane work, and adjusters will say the old roof is a “self-sealing” roof. I then ask “since the damage was months ago, what day, of what month, of what year are the volatile gases from the tar sealing strip going to go back under the shingle, soften the tar, and re-seal the roof against the next wind storm”? At that point, they do the right thing and pay for a wind damaged roof. It is a tough call, and can more often be in the favor of the insurance company, not the homeowner.

I might add, the right roofer should show up on time, do all he needs to and more, making sure it is done as promised, clean up, and then ask for his money. Just saying!


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March lion

march-lionMarch has come in like a Lion this year. It’s cold again here in Arlington.

This is a tough place to be a roof. On Saturday it was in the 80′s. People were in shorts and halter-tops. Sunday sleet and ice. By Monday morning all the roofs in our neighborhood were frozen white. We’ve got down jacket weather – again.

Meanwhile we plan the spring garden and protect our early seedlings already in the ground.

This is Texas.

Lions today lambs tomorrow.

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fancy linePantego – Making the neighborhood better, one roof at a time.

Winter Olympics

Red roof at the olympics

Red roof! At the Olympics opening ceremony.

Oh if anyone missed the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics go to youtube and see what you can. It was amazing and wonderful. From the beginning story line to the fireworks at the end. We loved it! Of course we noticed the red roof on the stadium in the light of the fireworks. :)

Enjoy the winter.  Spring is around the corner.

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